Digital Marketing

Digital “Briefcase” and Sales Resources Management

  • Internal Marketing and Sales Communication.
  • As a complement to already or forthcoming C.R.M. solutions.
  • Driving a better descent of commercial and marketing information to sales forces and clients.
  • Improving sales force efficiency with a better-used and more flexible arborescence.
  • Fully monitored customisation of sales material.

Tag Management and Data Enrichment Solutions

  • Bringing together marketing applications and clients’ data.
  • Enabling marketers to easily handle and better leverage digital marketing.
  • Web Analytics and visualisation.
  • Understanding visitors and improving acquisition and retention.
  • Ecommerce solutions.
  • Correlation of visitor data into actionable sources.
  • Real-time audience discovery.

Multi-Channel Customer Service and Support

  • Building a strong and agile customer service experience strategy.
  • Referral Strategies.
  • Contact Centre and Creative Marketing Solutions in the Cloud.
  • Seamless, personalised customer experience.
  • Multiple touch-point support, including telephone, email, social media and online chat.

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